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Risk of Saudi Oil Policy Shift Could Rise in 2022

As peak demand becomes more obvious and decline sets in, the major producers of OPEC+ could see their incentives shift and potentially set off a scramble for market share.

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The World’s Central Banks Doing Very Little to Head off Climate Disaster

As the climate crisis continues, attention has turned to how central banks can intervene.

Chipaggedon Continues To Hurt The Auto Industry

Automakers continue to bear the brunt of the worldwide computer chip shortage, as the gap between ordering and receiving chips keeps growing.

topics: Automakers, semiconductors, supply chains

Feedback Loops To Accelerate Energy Transition

Multiple feedback loops are emerging that a new report anticipates will push fossil fuels out of the global energy system.

topics: fossil fuels

The Oil Industry’s Methane Polluters

In its damning climate report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change singled out methane as a particularly damaging source of global climate pollution.

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