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SAFE Joins Voices Calling for Negotiated Settlement with California on Fuel Economy

The agencies propose a range of significant changes to the off-cycle technology program, including ending or sunsetting all off-cycle flexibilities. Any elimination, or phase-out, of the off-cycle technology adjustments would threaten to deter or delay investment in connected and automated vehicle technologies and runs counter to the goals of this rulemaking.

topics: EPA, Fuel Economy, Fuel Efficiency, NHTSA

With E15 Proposal, Trump Attempts to Placate Corn Belt

There is almost no middle ground in the battle between ethanol producers and the oil industry. Any movement to address the concerns of one side almost necessarily comes at the expense of the other.

topics: Big Corn, Big Oil, E15, ethanol, Refiners, RFS

New Permian WTI Contract Reflects Importance of Region to Oil Market

With more buyers from around the world requesting U.S. crude, a Houston-based price point has become necessary.

topics: Crude Oil Exports, ICE, Permian, WTI

This Week in AVs: Ford to Test AVs in DC; MIT Study Reveals Culture Attitudes to Trolley Problem; and More

SAFE's weekly roundup of the top news in autonomous vehicle innovation and deployment.

topics: autonomous vehicles, DOT, Ford, MIT, Self-Driving Cars

Shale Cannot Cover Shortages in Saudi Production

When Saudi Arabia threatens to weaponize its oil production, the U.S. cannot afford to brush off this warning by overestimating the potential of shale to cover the shortfalls.

topics: 1973 OPEC oil embargo, Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Fuel Economy Standards, NOPEC, OPEC, Permian, Saudi Arabia, Shale, U.S. crude exports