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The United States Lags On Critical EV Minerals Development

As the electric vehicle market matures, increasing attention is being paid to the United States' critical mineral supply chain.

topics: China, Electric Vehicles, Energy Security

Have We Reached Peak ICE?

Sales of ICE vehicles may well have peaked, but it is still far too soon to write oil's obituary.

topics: Electric Vehicles, ICE, Transportation

The Benefits Of Autonomous Vehicles And The Future Of Work Are Not At Odds

Although some observers paint automation and the future of work as a zero-sum game, the choice between technology and workers does not have to be binary.

topics: Autonomous Vehicle Policy, autonomous vehicles, Oil Demand, Self-Driving Cars, Transportation

Offshore Oil Faces Uncertain Future

Even in the medium-term, the interest in offshore drilling is looking shaky.

topics: Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Drilling, Oil Demand, Oil Prices, Oil Production, Oil Supply

OPEC's Perennial Rebalancing Act

OPEC+ might have to extend its cuts when the group meets next month, but the pain in the U.S. shale industry may make its long-term task easier.

topics: Iran, Low Oil Prices, Oil Demand, Oil Prices, Oil Production, Oil Supply, OPEC, Saudi Arabia