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NDAA Provides Opportunity To Counter China’s Strategic EV Ambitions

Beijing views the capture of the EV supply chain as a strategic priority. The United States can counter this by agreeing to small amendment in the Nation Defense Authorization Act.

This Week in AVs: UPS Tests Self-Driving Trucks; Waymo to Test in Florida; and More

SAFE's weekly roundup of the top news in autonomous vehicle innovation and deployment.

Oil Sees Headwinds From Strong Dollar and Trade War

Even as markets steady, the stronger U.S. dollar remains a headwind for both crude oil and the global economy.

topics: China, Oil Prices, Trade War, Trump

Supply Surplus Puts OPEC+ in a Bind

OPEC has few choices at its disposal to manage the swelling oil market surplus, most of which are unpalatable.

topics: Oil Demand, Oil Prices, Oil Production, OPEC, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Aramco IPO, Shale Oil Production

The Failure of History: How Oil Has Entered a Brave New World

Past experience can offer some guidance, but by every indication the global oil industry is heading into a new age, with unpredictable consequences.

topics: Oil Prices, Oil Production, OPEC, Shale