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This Week in AVs: Argo to Test in California; Amazon Gets Into AVs; and More

SAFE's weekly roundup of the top news in autonomous vehicle innovation and deployment.

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Are Americans Driving Older Cars or Just Leaving Them in the Driveway?

In their reasoning behind their recommendations for revising U.S. fuel economy standards, the EPA and NHTSA cite the rising age of the U.S. light-duty vehicle fleet. However, their analysis does not account for how often these vehicles are driven.

Canada’s Oil Sector Squeezed Out By Infrastructure Woes

Intractable infrastructure problems caused Canada to miss out on the high prices that characterized much of 2018. A majority of Canadians now believe the lack of pipeline capacity has become a crisis as current supply lines are tapped out, storage facilities are at capacity and Alberta has instituted a production cut.

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Is An Oil Supply Crunch Looming?

The dramatic slimming down over the past half-decade by the oil and gas industry has led to a steep drop off in spending, exploration and final investment decisions on new projects—raising the possibility of a supply crunch in the early 2020s.

topics: Decade of Disorder, Demand Growth, IEA, Oil Production, Permian, Shale

In Venezuela, Maduro’s Grip Threatened as Oil Industry Breakdown Continues

Backed by a host of Latin American countries and the United States, Juan Guaido's declaration of himself as the legitimate president of Venezuela represents the sternest test Maduro has faced to his hold on power—and the oil market has already felt the effects.

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