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Rural EV Charging: Road Trip Reflections

With the heightened focus on rural EV charging networks following the announcement of the $2.5 billion Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) grant program, we would like to share this timely piece written by EC Director of Technical Services Matt Stephens-Rich about a road trip in his 2015 Nissan Leaf, and the lessons he learned about the state of rural EV charging in the United States.

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How the EPA Can Future-Proof Innovation for School Bus Electrification

One fleet segment in particular is poised to take off in the next few years thanks to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act: electric school buses. If executed effectively, the Environmental Protection Agency’s $5 billion Clean School Bus (CSB) Program and $1 billion Clean Heavy Duty Vehicle Program will help electrify tens of thousands of the nation’s 480,000 school buses which carry over 26 million kids to and from their local school each week day. 

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Paris Bids Adieu to Shared E-Scooters, Giving Up Important Accessible, Sustainable Transportation Progress

Less than 8% of eligible Parisian voters showed up at the polls, voting to ban the popular—especially with younger people—transportation option which some have come to see as a nuisance. The use of a referendum to determine the fate of this mode of transportation was controversial, and certainly seems a blunt way to navigate a complex and evolving ecosystem of new mobility options.

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Funding Roadwork Without Penalizing EVs

Transportation experts have eyed mileage-based user fees (MBUFs) for all vehicles on the road as an alternative to the gasoline tax. It would be fairer and more accurate than the flat annual fee some experts have proposed. With federal gas taxes static since 1993, road usage charges have been considered since 2005. Two decades and dozens of pilots later, policymakers are closer than ever before to identifying the best practices that can create a replacement policy for the gas tax.

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Shifting Policymakers’ Perspectives: Transportation’s Vital Role in Society

A promising trend is taking shape among policymakers around the future of mobility. It’s a shift in perspective to better understand how inextricably linked transportation policies are to people’s lives and to the vitality of society’s long-term economic, equity, and sustainability goals.

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